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Nationstar Mortgage Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Nationstar Mortgage takes great pride in the fact that 4 out of 5 of our customers would refer us to friends or family.*
But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about Nationstar Mortgage.


"The entire experience was fantastic. Everything was explained, there was complete follow through and if we had a question, we got answers right away."
        - Michael N., FL

"They were very efficient, helpful, informative and expressed that they really care for you as a person and not just business. It was more of an experience, as if someone that cared, more like a friend."
        - Rolando C., CA

"The best loan processor I've ever come across!"
        - Allan H., CA

"First of all you were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. You didn't make me feel like I was a stranger or anything like that. There were a couple different types of loans and you helped me get the one that really satisfied my needs. Like I said, you really knew what you were talking about."
        - Shirley C., PA

"The whole experience was a 10 I felt."
        - Linda M., CA

"We had a VA loan and typically waited a minimum of two months, and they got us closed in 28 days. So it was less than half the time of the minimum standard. They did it in less than half. It was crazy."
        - Thomas M., WI

"Personable, easy to work with, very friendly. They didn't sound like a big corporation and everyone seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Took the time to answer questions and make sure we understood everything. It was a great process."
        - Jason T., AZ

"They kept things flowing through closing and they called me to say we could close early. It was wonderful."
        - Barbara D., WI

"I have done three other closings before and this by far was the easiest. It just seemed easier, everything flowed smoothly and there was no lag time in the paperwork. That is pretty much to sum it up with Nationstar, it was easy."
        - Marilyn B., MD

"I already have referred my brother, who has a loan there now."
        - Jeremy B., AL

"They were great all the way around, made it very easy and it was just a breeze to get closed, especially for a first-time home buyer like myself."
        - Jessica S., TN

"I have had a very good experience with Nationstar. The representatives were very helpful, courteous, they were honest with answers and they called me back very quickly. They took all the stress out of handling my loan and I did not have to leave home to close."
        - Joni P., MS

"It was an incredibly positive experience. Everyone was very attentive, quick to respond and quick to close on the loan. A good overall experience. It was incredibly easy and incredibly fast."
        - Caroline B., TX

"This was a refinance through Nationstar and it was a very simple process. The knowledge of the employees, and questions I had asked were answered with no trouble, and the loan documents are tedious and hard to understand but they made it all simple."
         - Kevin C., TX

"I have been with you guys for a long time and you guys are reliable and dependable and are honest and easy to work with."
         - Heather M., WI

"We were trying to lower out interest rate, and when no one would help, they did. They were very helpful through the whole process and answered all my questions."
        - James M., TX

"They were very, very helpful. They got me through this loan that I didn't think anyone would be able to do. They were able to do it, and with a good rate. He went above and beyond. It was quick and painless."
        - David S., CO

"I gave them a ten on everything. They are very efficient and very courteous. They did everything."
        - Rebecca S., TN

"I don't know, maybe it's a southern thing but after the first 30 seconds it is like we were dealing with a friend, it was not the cold banking atmosphere, we were sitting down with a friend. The whole process went so easily. We have purchased several houses and, even though this was just a refinance, we did not have all the horrors you normally expect when you are refinancing a house."
        Harvey B., AL

"I actually already recommended my mother and she is closing a loan."
        Ellen W., CT

"It was my first time buying a home. I was clueless on everything, but they were so helpful. They were very patient with me. I am sure they would give the same remarkable service to anyone else."
        - Jeanie L., VA

"The two people I worked with were great. I feel they went above and beyond. It helped in making my decision to go with Nationstar. They were so quick in responding to my emails. They made me feel so comfortable that I trusted them in going with Nationstar.
        - Donna B., NY

"We were at risk of losing the house because of a balloon payment. So instead of walking away from it like so many people do now, I talked to Nationstar about refinancing and it worked out really well."
        - Dwight J., CA

"Through the whole process they did a great job of explaining everything. This is my first time buying a home. They answered every question I had. They were courteous. They did a great job. They returned my calls promptly and made me feel like I was there only customer. They always called me back and didn’t matter any day or night."
         - Anne N., TN

"It was by in large fairly easy even though it was a complicated procedure. They were always friendly, always responsive and impressively knowledgeable."
         - Christopher M., IL

"I was very surprised at how quickly and smoothly the whole process went. Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful and returned my calls and emails very promptly. Everything from approval to documents to closing and there were no surprises and everything ended up being as they explained during the whole process. There were no surprises."
         - Craig H., CA

"They were able to close our loan in two weeks. The loan officer was friendly and fun to be around. Very knowledgeable and fast. She explained everything to us, and took a lot of time with us, and was friendly to our children who we had to bring. She took time to get to know us personally."
         - Crystal M., TN

"Easy to do business. Communication. They kept you up to date. Told us all about the programs. Told us things up front. Got back to you quickly. Definitely within 24 hours, if not quicker. Their customer service appears to be really good. Knowledgeable people...nice, attentive. Knowledgeable about the programs and cost."
         - David H., MI

"Everyone involved in the loan process was very helpful and was on my side for getting it done. They were helpful in always providing me the information that I needed and giving me the requirements I needed they got it out to me early so I had enough time and also helped work through the inspection process with the appraiser and the city inspector to make sure I had everything I needed. We were pretty much in constant communication every day or every other day. There was an email going back and forth, so there was no period of time where I didn't know what was going on."
         - David W., WA

"Everyone was easy to deal with. They made the loan process much easier than I expected it to be, by returning all phone calls, offering to explain every part of the loan process."
         - Delora C., AL

"This is my first time home purchase and it was smooth and very efficient. They were smooth and efficient and I’m positively honest. They were looking out for my best interest. I’m happy to be in my home. Smooth transition from one document to another. Everything was in proper order. Everything was given when it was supposed to be given, everything was connected. It was like reading a book with a happy ending."
         - Dennis B., PA

"I was very happy with our Nationstar Mortgage professional. He was very helpful and he guided us through the process. When we had questions he did research so he could give us factual information and he was very honest and professional. He answered all our questions. He did some research and gave us some honest answers."
         - Elizabeth W., CA

"They made everything very easy. They were very friendly and very efficient. Anytime I had a question, I got a very quick response. They were really good. They made sure I understood every step and they did that in a timely manner."
         - Gerald L., MA

"Very easy process. I had one-on-one attention with the loan officer who was very quick to answer my questions. I felt that I had very personalized attention, I felt like I was a customer and not just a number."
         - Jessica H., NC

"The person I dealt with was very accurate. As everything was being processed they kept me informed and up to date on what was going on. If something was missing, I was emailed or I received a phone call and everything was done in a timely manner. The person that I dealt with was very knowledgeable and very nice. He knew his information. He explained certain things or certain terms that I would have never thought to ask questions about. He just gave good information."
         - Joyce T., GA

"It wasn’t difficult at all. The people that handled the loan were fabulous. Both were very knowledgeable and very helpful. They researched tax laws and gave my CPA the information needed without any tax consequences. Every question I had or sent an email for were always quickly answered."
         - Julie N., CA

"The loan processor was quick at getting back with me and explaining my questions. Made everything very clear and easy to understand. The whole process went very quickly and smoothly. I was going to use a different lender, and once I started talking to Nationstar Mortgage, I was very impressed and I decided to change lenders. Any time I had a question or something came up or was confusing I could call them up and it was answered very quickly and clearly."
         - Keri R., CA

"My Nationstar Mortgage Professional was absolutely amazing she made everything easy and very easy to understand she took the process that we thought was going to be very difficult and made it something that wasn't a task at all. Nationstar was just wonderful in helping us get our first home and I'm glad we went with them and I wouldn't consider going with anyone else."
         - Marylee F., AL

"They made the loan process very easy, and even the returning of the required signed documents were very easy. Nationstar's staff was very knowledgeable and they resolved everything in a timely manner. I was able to close the loan three to four weeks earlier than I anticipated. I think that’s about it. Any questions I had, they answered me in a concise way. They made everything so simple."
         - Matthew M., NY

"We did a lot of application over the phone. He told me exactly which documents were needed. I provided those timely, the application was approved quickly. The primary person I was dealing with noticed my insurance cost was high and he recommended other insurance carriers. Furthermore, he even shopped around and found me a better rate."
         - Michael H., TX

"They did what they said they would do and that means a lot."
         - Nicholas Z., CA

"It was quick, it took about three weeks. What they told me initially is what we got so there was no discrepancy between the two. The staff was outstanding, everybody I dealt with, I dealt with two different ladies throughout the process, were outstanding. Anything I needed to know, they would pass on to me and it was accurate."
         - Paul B., AL

"I just thought it was an easy process, seamless transition from the loan originator to the loan processor to the title company. I thought they did a good job and they were very polite and kind through the whole process. Professional, polite, made it an easy process. Friendly I guess is a good word."
         - Paul K., TX

"Both Nationstar professionals were fantastic. Everything that they quoted me was completely accurate. They always returned my emails. They really worked with me to get all the stuff I need to turn in. Their level of communications was excellent."
         - Rachel R., TN

"Just great service; very courteous and they knew what they were talking about. The definition of courteous."
         - Ryan S., OR

"I was very pleased with the overall process. They were very polite. They were knowledgeable. They did everything they said they would. They took the time to walk me through step by step."
         - Donald G., IL

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